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Picture Framing Shop

You may well be interested in saving a bit of money and framing your own pictures. This can easily be achieved by purchasing the necessary tools and materials from us. Or you could give someone a present of learning how to frame their own pictures. All tools come with a complete set of step by step instructions with diagrams to assist you with your picture framing projects.

We also sell the materials such as mount board, backing board, lengths of moulding and the glass to complete your picture frames. Please Contact us by phoning 01730 269926 to learn more about these products and services.

  Most of the mentioned items can be purchased directly from our website using the Paypal payment feature. You do not need a Paypal account but only a valid debit/credit card to make your payment quick and easy. On check-out use the option: Pay by Debit or Credit Card

Pre-mitred Frames Kit

This kit contains 2 mitre vices, instructions for fitting your frames together and a total of 12 mitred frames. The mitre vices are an excellent tool for the amateur picture framer to join their picture frames with. When I teach picture framing, all of my amateur students use these with good results. The vice will take mouldings up to 2” wide. When using the vices, care should be taken not to over tighten them as you will either dent the moulding or, in more extreme cases, break the vice.

There are also a total of 12 frames in this package that just need joining. A selection of the following sizes (all in inches) will be included with each set:

  • 4x3
  • 6x4
  • 7x5
  • 8x6
  • 9x7
  • 10x8

All of the frames have been cut with a Morso so the mitres will be perfectly cut at 45 degrees. Each frame is bundled together with an elastic band. The frames just need joining with the mitre vices included with this bundle.

The instructions cover how to assemble the frames with the mitre vices provided and provide a step by step guide through the whole process. The instructions also utilise diagrams throughout to assist your learning.

Pre-mitred Frames Kit £23.99 (incl. First Class P+P)

Pre-mitred Frames Kit | 23.99 GBP


Jakar Mount Cutter with 60cm / 24" purpose made ruler

This is an excellent over mount cutting tool for the amateur picture framer. The cutter has a sliding blade system set to 45 degrees to provide a reliable result every time. The cutter is supplied with a 60cm / 24" purpose made ruler with a groove that the mount cutter runs along during cutting to prevent "wandering off" line whilst cutting. The Jakar mount cutter also has a 90 degree straight edge cutter to cut the outside edge of the mount. The kit is supplied with three spare blades and unlike almost all other mount cutters on the market it is also easily used by both right and left handed people.

Included with this package is a set of instructions written by myself. They ARE NOT the instructions on the manufacturer’s packet as they, well, just plain don't make sense! My instructions include handy hints based on my experience and also suggestions made by my students during the last 15 years I have been teaching picture framing. These instructions include how to measure out your pictures properly before cutting your mount and how to use the Jakar mount cutter to maximum effect. Also discussed within the instructions is how to cope with the various workings out for your pictures with measurements in metric and imperial. The instructions also include a series of diagrams that will help to guide you through using the mount cutter and hence to create good quality over mounts for your picture framing projects. Other issues such as cutting a mount to fit a standard size ready made frame are also covered. These instructions have been tried by a complete novice at picture framing and they achieved a satisfactory result with the instructions included with this package. I am sure you will also be able to achieve very satisfactory over mounts as well.

Jakar Mount Cutter with 60cm / 24" purpose made ruler £38.99 (incl. First Class P+P)

Jakar Mount Cutter Kit | 38.99 GBP

Picture Framing Book "Frames and Framing" By Andy Parks

As well as the tools that I sell through this site, I have also written my own book all about picture framing. The book is aimed at the novice picture framer and covers all levels up to semi-professional. It is written in the same step-by-step style as the instructions that I offer with all the tools that I sell but with more depth and each stage has at least one photograph and / or illustration to help you progress on that skill. The topics covered in the book include:

  • Choice of tools
  • The working area
  • Choice of materials (probably the most important consideration in picture framing)
  • Cutting mounts
  • Cutting and assembling frames
  • Cutting glass
  • Fitting pictures
  • Hanging pictures
  • Double mounts
  • Multiple aperture mounts
  • Oval mounts and frames
  • Mount decoration
  • Stretching and framing of needlework
  • Stretching art on canvas
  • Framing 3-D works of art
  • Frame decoration (to name but a few topics)

The book can be signed and / or dedicated if you would like this option. Please make sure you specify what you would like me to write in the book at the check out stage. After you have purchased the book from me, please do think of me as an online resource and feel free to ask any picture framing questions.

Book, "Frames and Framing" by Andy Parks £18.99 (incl. P+P)

Frames and Framing - Book by Andy Parks | 18.99 GBP

Combination Kits

Why not save a little money by ordering the tools now that you need.

Jakar Mount Cutter and Book £56.99

Jakar Mount Cutter and Frames and Framing - Book by Andy Parks | 56.99 GBP

Jakar Mount Cutter and Cut Frames with 2 Mitre Vices £61.99

Free Bonus of Instructions on Fitting of Pictures

Jakar Mount Cutter and Cut Frames with 2 Mitre Vices | 61.99 GBP

Everything! (Jakar Mount Cutter, Cut Frames and Book) £79.99

Free Bonus of Instructions on Fitting of Pictures and Cutting Frames with a Mitre Saw.

Jakar Mount Cutter | 79.99 GBP