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Jakar Mount Cutter with 60cm / 24" purpose made ruler

This is an excellent over mount cutting tool for the amateur picture framer. The cutter has a sliding blade system set to 45 degrees to provide a reliable result every time. The cutter is supplied with a 60cm / 24" purpose made ruler with a groove that the mount cutter runs along during cutting to prevent "wandering off" line whilst cutting. The Jakar mount cutter also has a 90 degree straight edge cutter to cut the outside edge of the mount. The kit is supplied with three spare blades and unlike almost all other mount cutters on the market it is also easily used by both right and left handed people.

Included with this package is a set of instructions written by myself. They ARE NOT the instructions on the manufacturer’s packet as they, well, just plain don't make sense! My instructions include handy hints based on my experience and also suggestions made by my students during the last 15 years I have been teaching picture framing. These instructions include how to measure out your pictures properly before cutting your mount and how to use the Jakar mount cutter to maximum effect. Also discussed within the instructions is how to cope with the various workings out for your pictures with measurements in metric and imperial. The instructions also include a series of diagrams that will help to guide you through using the mount cutter and hence to create good quality over mounts for your picture framing projects. Other issues such as cutting a mount to fit a standard size ready made frame are also covered. These instructions have been tried by a complete novice at picture framing and they achieved a satisfactory result with the instructions included with this package. I am sure you will also be able to achieve very satisfactory over mounts as well.

Jakar Mount Cutter with 60cm / 24" purpose made ruler £38.99 (incl. First Class P+P)

Jakar Mount Cutter Kit | 38.99 GBP