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Welcome to Framing Teacher

The learning and training source for the amateur picture framer

Welcome to our framing teaching section. I am a professional picture framer with over 30 years of experience in picture framing. I have also taught picture framing for over 20 years. I would like to assist anybody who would like to learn picture framing...

...and it's free!

On this site you can read about helpful hints for all stages of picture framing. You can also buy the tools that I recommend from my shop. You can also find out about forthcoming courses or one to one tuition.

Don't have the time for a course?

Then I would recommend you buy a copy of my book and a mount cutter combination kit. Then I would suggest that you work through the book at your own pace. The mount cutter sections of the book will give you step-by-step tuition and is very similar to what you would see demonstrated at the classes. Then you can buy additional tools and equipment as you need them. Then when you have a thousand questions about picture framing, you can book some one-to-one tuition at my workshop at a time convenient to us both. This would probably be one afternoon in the week but could easily be a Saturday, whichever you prefer. The last part of this method is very popular as the course is effectively tailored to your specific picture framing requirements. One-to-one tuition starts from £35.00 per hour.

The Picture Framing book by Andy Parks

Framing BookI have also recently written a book all about picture framing. This book builds on the instructions written for the tools we sell but also goes into more detail on such topics as:

Choice of materials (probably the most important aspect of framing), mount cutting, frame cutting and assembly, cutting glass, fitting pictures, hanging pictures, mount decoration, oval mounts and frames, double mounts, multiple aperture mounts, framing needlework, framing 3-D artwork, stretching and framing oils, to list but a few of the sections of the book.

The book is written in an easy to follow, step by step approach. The book is also heavily illustrated with at least one photograph for each stage covered of every skill. If you are interested in buying a copy of this and would like some more information please contact me.

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