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Needlework and Canvas

Useful Tips for Stretching Oils on Canvas

Lacing the needlework

  1. Oils are usually painted to fit standard stretcher bars. These are available to buy at most art shops.
  2. If the size is non-standard, you can make your own stretcher frame from 2” X 3/4” baton available from most D.I.Y. shops.
  3. Ensure that the frame is truly square, by first measuring both dimensions and then checking that the diagonal dimensions are identical.
  4. Use a staple gun to position the canvas.
  5. Do not over stretch the canvas, it may tear.
  6. Use ‘hospital corners’ at the corners of the canvas.
  7. Make sure that the triangle corner pieces are in the correct slots provided,NOT between the canvas and the stretcher bar.
  8. Put the bottom corner in first.
  9. Make sure that the picture frame is made, with enough allowance so that the oil fits easily, so that you do not have to force it.

Exert from book Frames and Framing by Andy Parks

Conservation of your works of art is especially important for all picture framing. Therefore it is recommended that you choose a piece of higher quality mount board to stretch your needlework over. Higher quality mount board are termed as ‘acid free’ or ‘neutral Ph’. They will cost more but the lower levels of acid present in the board will help to preserve your works of art. Also be aware that the colour of the board may show through the material so choose a colour of board that matches the colour that the needlework is sewn onto.

Stretched Canvas

How the canvas should look when properly stretched