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No matter if small or big - we make it a real artwork


Usually the photographs that we have framed are favourite photos that have been enlarged for display purposes. The best way to display photographs is to over mount them in a suitable colour and then frame them. If you put them straight into a frame, the glossy nature of the photograph's surface can cause the photo to stick to the glass over a relatively short period of time. Modern photographs can look very effective in aluminium frames as these frames are designed so that all the strength of the frame is behind the picture. Typically you only see about 6mm of frame visible from the front. Something else that always looks excellent when displayed is a collection of photos framed in one frame. This is best achieved in a multiple aperture mount like this example of the total solar eclipse at Fécamp, France on August 11th 1999.

Such ideas could be a set of family photographs, such as your children's or grand children's school photographs in one frame. Alternatively a very popular choice has been photos of your favourite pets in one frame. Multiple aperture mounts are a speciality of ours and it is always a picture framing project that gives us tremendous satisfaction when it is finished.

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