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Tuition and Demonstration

Would you like to learn the art of framing?

Picture Framing Tuition and Demonstrations

We also offer picture framing tuition for both the amateur and professional picture framer. We can offer one day classes with a maximum of 5 students at our workshop. Or we can offer one-to-one tuition if you would prefer. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Also you may like to enrol on one of the picture framing courses that we currently offer through the Alton Community Association. They are currently offering a six week course to commence on Wednesday November 2nd 2011. Basic courses typically cover:

  • Choice of materials
  • Over mount cutting
  • Frame cutting and assembly
  • Fitting and hanging of pictures

Courses are aimed at the novice but I have taught students who have gone on to run their own picture framing businesses. Please contact the Alton Community Association on 01420 85057 to book a place.

 Pease visit my other picture framing website Framing Teacher to learn more about these services.

Alternatively you may be a member of an arts and craft / photographic society that might be interested in a picture framing demonstration to you and your colleagues. I have presented a variety of subject matter but perhaps the most successful evening / 2 hour program is to discuss choice of materials and what might (or might not!) look acceptable for a mount and frame. Then this discussion can be followed up by a demonstration on mount cutting. At the end of the session your colleagues will be able to over mount their own pictures so that they could if required be sold un framed. I have presented at various locations that include Petersfield Photographic Society, Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society, Bramshott and Liphook Arts and Crafts Society, University of the Third Age (U3A) to name but a few. Please contact the Petersfield Framing Studios to discuss your club or society's requirements.

Frames and Framing by Andy ParksI have also recently written a book all about picture framing - 'Frames and Framing - by Andy Parks'. This book builds on the instructions written for the tools we sell but also goes into more detail on such topics as:

  • Choice of materials (probably the most important aspect of framing)
  • mount cutting
  • frame cutting and assembly
  • cutting glass
  • fitting pictures
  • hanging pictures
  • mount decoration
  • oval mounts and frames
  • double mounts
  • multiple aperture mounts
  • framing needlework
  • framing 3-D artwork
  • stretching and framing oils

to list but a few of the sections of the book.

The book is written in an easy to follow, step by step approach. The book is also heavily illustrated with at least one photograph for each stage covered of every skill. If you are interested in buying a copy of this you can buy direct from our Shop. Or if would like some more information before you buy please contact us.

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