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Tuesday, 03 June 2014 17:18

Delivery of large pictures

Sometimes it can be a bit of a surprise just how large your pictures can turn out to be once they are framed. They may arrive to you in a tube and the picture appears fairly small. You might have unwrapped it at home but then might feel a little worried about creasing the picture as it is rolled so tightly in the tube and wisely leave the unrolling until the picture framers. Plus the size will increase if you have selected an overmount and perhaps a fairly wide moulding profile. All things considered the picture may not now easily fit into your car when you come to collect it. If you have a car that the seats fold down flat that is always the best way to transport your framed picture back to it's new home. The picture may fit upright on the back seat and this may seem tempting but be careful if you have a reasonable distance to drive and need to brake suddenly as the picture can shoot forwards and the picture could be damaged. Sometimes customers collect their pictures whilst doing other errands (quite understandably as we all have busy lives!). Hence their cars are often filled with shopping and 'little people' which can mean the pictures cannot safely be transported back home. Here we can help with a delivery service. I tend to not charge for this service if the customer's home is more or less on my way home and can be delivered at a time to suit both parties. However if the picture is too large for my van (which will only fit a framed and packed picture 66" long) then you may need the services of a courier. We have access to a highly recommended service and they generally charge around £25 for a local delivery in and around the Petersfield area. Something to consider as the last thing you want after having your picture professionally framed is for the picture to then be damaged in transit.