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Sunday, 23 June 2013 22:42

Prints and copies of your originals

A common occurrence among a lot of my artisan customers is a personal attachment to the work that they create. A perfectly natural, emotional attachment to feel and I suspect that this stems from pride at the achievements. Imagine you have just started painting and your work is on display at the local arts and crafts exhibition. Wonderfully, it sells! What a great feeling. However, what about keeping a record of your work that you have produced? It would be such a shame to not at least have a copy of your works as you produce them. Or you would simply like a copy of your favourite artistic creation to date? How can this be achieved if you sell everything that you paint? Well I would point you in the direction of Artist Gallery Printing in Liphook, Hampshire. There Rob Jenkinson can help you make digital copies of your original work so that you have at least a copy. You can then also make prints of your work if so required. Do keep in mind copyright laws and you would need to be the original painter of the work of art to have ownership of the copyright and hence it is ok to make a copy of the artwork. Then with Rob's help you can keep an electronic copy of all the work that you create. A great service at a very reasonable price.