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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:05

Free Customer Parking

This may seem a slightly unusual topic to mention but it is something that has been bought to my attention as a useful feature of the Petersfield Framing Studios by quite a few customers. Granted the idea of free car parking should not be the only reason to bring your pictures for framing to us but it might be a consideration. Imagine the scenario; you have quite a large picture to frame. You are not exactly sure how to frame it but you are aware that it might take a little bit of time to choose the correct materials. You have to park in a car park that charges where it is perhaps £1.00 for the minimum amount of time. Will that be enough time? Also the car park is a bit of a distance from the framers in town. Also, as we live in the UK, it is of course raining! Can you keep the picture dry from your car to the framers? Is the picture already framed and quite heavy to carry from the car park to the shops? Suddenly a relatively straight forward task becomes a bit of a chore. Also you are now not exactly in the best mood to choose picture frames! Not a problem at the Petersfield Framing Studios. Car parking is free at the Buriton Business Park where our workshop is located. Also if you have a heavy picture to frame or would like a hand in with your pictures, just come and get me and I can give you a hand. Also we can wrap your pictures in a bag or blanket if it is raining (I use the term "if" with eternal hope in mind). Also you can take your time to choose your picture frames safe in the knowledge that your parking ticket will not run out!