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Sunday, 07 October 2012 11:27

Thunderbugs are go!

What on earth are thunderbugs I hear some of you say? Others will be all too familiar with these, especially if you live in the countryside near open fields. Thunderbugs are little tiny flying bugs that become airbourne usually around humid, thundery weather conditions, hence the name. They become airbourne and seem to get into every nook and cranny in your home and then pretty well dissapear as quickly as they appeared. Their lasting impacts however are often to be found in picture frames. They will land on the picture frames and crawl into the back of the frame and appear between the glass and the picture. They then unfortunately get trapped and die in your picture frames! The favourite location seems to be between the glass and any white or off white over mount surround (they do actually get everywhere but this is where they become particularly visible). The bugs should be removed as quickly as possible as if they are left trapped in the picture frame for any significant time they may leave permanent stains on the over mount or even worse on your original picture. The easiest way to cure and then prvent these bugs is to take the offending picture frames along to a picture framer and get them to clean and refit your pictures. This will cure the existing bugs problem but any future occurences will be prevented by ensuring that the pictures are properly sealed when they are refitted into your existing frames. Also a good idea whilst the pictures are stripped out is to think about conservation for the picture and to make sure that such materials as the mount or backing that have been used are acid-free.