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Sunday, 30 September 2012 22:02

Provenance and other information about pictures

Behind every picture is a story. That is one of the most exciting aspects of my job and it is always interesting to hear that story. The picture in question may be a family photo, a papyrus image from a holiday in Egypt, a print of a favourite view from a small break away or just simply your favourite image. It doesn't really matter what inspires you to frame a picture just as long as something does. However it might be nice to share that reason with future generations. Often the real interesting part of a picture framing project is any information that may be on the back of the picture that the owner might have jotted down. This information might be who is in the picture. This is especially important with old photographs so that the next people to inherit them know who they are. Useful information might also include where the picture was purchased and perhaps how much it cost. This is always interesting to know and will know doubt grow in interest as time goes by. We always as a matter of routine copy any information from the back of a picture onto the new backing so that future generations know the relevance of that image. A colleague of mine always states that people are merely the keepers of pictures for that generation and the picture will often outlive the owner. What a pity if really useful information about the picture is lost forever as this happens.