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Sunday, 09 April 2017 11:56

West coast to East coast, USA

How long does it take to drive through 48 state capitals of the U.S.A.? This was a question that a customer recently asked themselves and produced a map charting their amazing journey. The customer's plan changed unexpectedly for a holiday in U.S.A. and so they decided to something "different for a change." They flew out to the West coast and started in California and drove up and down through the 48 states taking in the state capital whilst travelling through each state. A heck of a lot of driving but they managed to achieve this amazing feat in 23 days. A real whistle-stop tour! The customer bought a map of the USA and drew their route with a permanent red marker and then used a red frame with silver inner bevel for effect. 

As the uniqueness of this map required an explanation, a text aperture was cut into the mount to read thus:

A pretty amazing trip and it all came about from a last minute idea. Excellent! Plus having the map framed really shares the great experience with your friends and family. We have talked about maps here quite a few times on this blog but they really do make a great talking point in your home. So......have you been on any amazing trips lately?? If so, get a map, get it suitably framed and share your travels. 

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