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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 18:25

Hand drawn maps or illustrations

Many of you I know enjoy displaying framed maps in your homes. I have been fortunate to frame some wonderful maps as a picture framer. I have also written about them myself a few times on this blog with regards to repairing them, framing unusual ones of the United Kingdom or even scratching them! Basically we are big fans of maps and cartography in general. With this in mind I have recently become aware of a very skilled cartographer who can hand draw maps for you to order. Kevin Freeborn's maps focus on illustrations within the maps but everything can be designed to your own personal requirements as they are all hand drawn. Here is an example of the village of West Meon.

This simply represents a small detailed section of the map but please visit Kevin's website (called 'cartopicts') for more examples of some amazing illustrated maps as well as his art and photography. 

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