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Thursday, 31 October 2013 21:05

BBC Radio Solent at the Petersfield Framing Studios

A bit of an unusual hour this morning at the workshop as BBC Radio Solent popped in for an interview about priceless Christmas presents that people might have framed. They had an idea about really thoughtful presents for Christmas for people that are really difficult to buy for. This they thought might involve having something priceless (i.e. sentimental value) framed as a present for loved ones. Quite right too. I would say the vast majority of the items that we frame are priceless to the people that have them framed. They may not mean as much to anyone else but it is all about sentimental value at our workshop. So a really nice chap from BBC Radio Solent called Alun Newman contacted me with a rough idea of an informal, fun interview with a bit of free publicity for us. Great! Just brilliant timing for Christmas too. The techie bit of the radio connection is all very clever with a broadband linked kit which the interview was conducted through. The DJ was Alex Dyke from BBC Radio Solent. The interview might get a bit hung up on whether Jimmy was a canary or a budgie or whether someone might frame a telephone box but all in all a good laugh! Here is a photo taken by my good friend Stephane Rocher of me mid-interview (Notice Carol working hard in the background!).

You can listen to the interview right here. Hope you enjoy!

  Listen to the BBC Interview

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