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Friday, 28 October 2016 20:32

Jurassic Petersfield

No not the name of the next Spielberg movie in the series but an interesting item to frame here at the Petersfield Framing Studios. A gentleman contacted me about an item he wanted to frame that was rather unusual. A dinosaur footprint. "Unusual" is pretty standard for us I am glad to say so away we went. The footprint was of aMegalosaurus which apparently walked around during the mid-jurassic period. The footprint was discovered in the mudstone of Oxfordshire and then the footprint was cast in fiberglass.

 However it was felt the colour of the background needed to be changed so our neighbour Dub Works (who specialise in VW restorations) sprayed the footprint a different colour for the customer. 


 Once the paint dried we could frame the footprint in a suitably deep enough frame painted a suitable Jurassic green and the picture was ready to hang. 

The item on the left hand side of the above photo is a metre stick to give an idea of the size of the dinosaur. Estimates put the Megalosaurus at around 9 metres long. Glad we didn't have to frame the rest of it! 

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