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Tuesday, 05 June 2012 17:55

Framing Sports Shirts

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We are often asked to frame sports shirts such as cricket, rugby, hockey or football shirts. These are often signed by teams or by famous sporting people and so often will have a significant financial value as well as sentimental. As with so many picture framing tasks, we have to think of this as a conservation picture framing project. Hence the shirts are always 'tacked' lightly to a suitable coloured backing board. Then if needed the framing could easily be reversed to return the shirt to it's original state. The backing board should be a colour that creates a contrast to the colour of the shirt. Then the shirt will really stand out when it is hanging on the wall. If for example a white shirt was framed using a white background the shirt would simply dissappear into the framing and would not look anywhere near as effecive as it could. The glass should also be elevated away from the shirt and so a slightly deeper or even a purpose made box frame may be required. Here are some examples of some sporting shirts recently framed for Churcher's College in Petersfield. The swimming outfit was worn by a student that swam the English Channel. A real achievement and something worth preserving in a frame.


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