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Friday, 26 June 2015 16:43

Fast and Furious Framing!

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Perhaps a little late for the seventh edition of the Fast and Furious film franchise but another way of looking at this is it is in plenty of time for the eighth edition! This free-standing, life-size cut out figure of the actor Vin Diesel was bought in to the workshop having seen better days.

The customer used to have the figure free standing in their sitting room. This is where some damage happened to the end of Vin's gun (no sniggering please!).

After careful consideration about choice of materials, it was decided that the figure would look best against a black background. This would make the figure stand out with increased contrast. The frame was to be very incidental as well and only really there to protect the image so a black frame was chosen to match the background. Due to the uneven thickness of the supporting pieces of card at the back of the figure Perspex or plastic glass was used to allow for the potential pressure points which could have broken ordinary glass if used. 

The image was secured onto the backing board to give the impression of running. The use of a black background really creates a three dimensional effect. 

The end of the gun was also repaired as best as could be achieved. The repair is not invisible and neither is it intended to be. 

The final framed image is a great way to show off your favourite film character and the use of black materials adds a touch of definition to the overall effect.