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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 21:09

Very large brass rubbing of soldier

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This was a very old and damaged brass rubbing of a soldier called Sir Roger De Trumpington. The customer had rubbed this herself many years ago and had kept it rolled up as she never had the space to display it properly. The original rubbing was taken from the church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire. Having recently moved she decided to have it repaired and framed. Here is the condition of the rubbing before suitable conservation and framing.

The rips and creases in the paper were quite extensive as the rubbing had originally been displayed simply by using Blu-Tac and was easily damaged by time.

Brass ripped top.JPG - 211.39 KB

The brass rubbing was carefully pressed and repaired using acid free document repair tape. Once the image was suitably repaired, a gilt frame was used to protect the rubbing. The type of gilt frame was carefully selected so that the gold colour of the frame suited the gold of the rubbing. 

The frame was eventually screwed to the wall using glass plates to prevent the frame from twisting on the wall. 

As you can see the beaded inner edge adds a certain distinction to the overall effect. A wonderful project to be part of and the finished item stands on guard proudly in it's new home. 

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