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Projects worth showing off
Sunday, 15 May 2016 18:15


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Medals and medallions are a frequent project for picture framing. Quite often the customer will be the children of the person who was awarded the medals. It is a great way to display your pride in your family's achievements and bravery. The frame used will need to be deep enough to keep the glass away from the medals. Also the medals may well be on one pin and care should be taken to keep them intact in case future generations wish to wear the medals. The medals are impressive enough by themselves but what will make the whole project even more of a showcase item will be to display a photo of the person who was awarded the medals and perhaps a relevant photo of where the medals were awarded. Here are a couple of recent examples of customer's relations:

A caption explaining who the recipient is serves as a useful piece of information for any admirer. Also in both cases the medals are mounted onto black velvet to use contrast to make the medals stand out. Then a suitable colour mount board is used. In both the above cases a relevant colour for the mountboard depended on the type of armed force (Army and Navy).