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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 21:56

What is the largest picture you can frame?

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A question we are often asked and it really depends on the type of picture to be framed and whether the picture requires glass. This is probably one of the most important factors due to the strength needed in the frame if glass is required. We have framed quite a few large pictures in the past (a very large brass rubbing and a 6 foot long papyrus  to give a couple of examples) and one of the main things to consider is how you might get the framed picture back to your home? This can be easily overlooked when you bring the picture into our workshop in a tube. We do offer a delivery service for the bigger pictures but this will be an added cost to take in to consideration. Also it may be worth considering how you intend to hang the picture once it is framed? If it is really large it may be best to screw the frame to the wall. This may mean that the fittings will show on the bottom and the top of the frame. One of the main limiting factors with picture size will be the length of the moulding. Most moulding will arrive in at least 2.4 metre or 8 foot lengths. This in theory allows for at least an 8 foot square picture. However this may become an issue with getting the framed picture out of our workshop let alone onto your wall! All things to consider and also issues that we are very familiar with. Here is a recent example of a very large photo of the Grand Canal entrance in Venice. 

To act as a guide to size I photographed this with a doorway behind for scale. A bit of a whopper for sure! Also an amazing piece of stitched photography and a wonderful view. 

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