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Monday, 06 March 2017 22:56

The "Wow" factor

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It may sound a little cliché but the "wow" factor is definitely something we are looking for as an initial comment from our customers when they collect their framing. This is something that we are particularly interested in hearing when re-framing works of art. Recently a customer bought in a picture they had had framed and then re-framed but were still not happy with how it looked on the wall. The customer had kept their original first choice of frame as the second frame was considered worse than the first and they were thinking about putting the artwork back into the original frame. This was definitely a option and could have worked. However let's not forget the customer wasn't happy in the first place!  Hence we took a little more time than usual to ensure that the choice of framing with us was more likely to be a success. The first word that the customer said as we presented the finished frame? Well, you can probably guess. However if you have had something framed and your original reaction was something less than wow, perhaps you might like to pop along to our workshop to see if we can help restore the wow factor to your walls.