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Monday, 27 March 2017 00:05

Things in draws, items under beds...

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I am inspired to write this article about pieces of art that you may well have at home or work and haven't got around to framing them. I am talking about the things in draws "for safe keeping" or items under the bed or on top of the wardrobe to "keep them flat". Customers often come in to my workshop and say that they feel bad as they have had this piece of art lying around "for ages." Ages is extremely subjective period of time as it can mean a couple of weeks, since last Christmas or sometimes it can be years. A recent customer has just set the new record for putting things in draws off to frame, that record is now 69 years! The customer had a set of felt slippers framed which she remembers were in her Mother's bedside draw in 1948 and she always meant to frame them but never got around to it. What a pity to have something so amazing tucked away for safe keeping and to never enjoy the beauty of such a sentimentally valuable item on their wall. You cannot really appreciate something in a draw or on top of a wardrobe. I would say get it framed so you can share the precious memory with others. Also framing will help to protect the item for years to come. So there you go, the current record for putting off picture framing is set at 69 years. Can you beat that??