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Friday, 14 April 2017 19:06

Scouting For Girls montage

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Scouting For Girls are a great group. A customer recently treated his wife to tickets to see Scouting For Girls and also bought a poster, a bag, a signed CD and some badges. We decided to set the montage out like this:


Some of the items are quite deep and needed a box frame to keep the glass away from the items. A black background and a white frame were the preferred choice of materials:


The flat items such as the poster, the CD cover and the tickets always look better with openings in the mountboard so that the white bevel makes the items stand out. 


The bag was the trickiest part of the job as the handles were very long and if fully extended would have made the resulting picture frame huge. So I decided to fold the handles around the back of the bag but so that it still looks like a bag. 


The finished montage looks really effective, especially with a white frame to provide contrast to the black background. 

In case you are wondering which songs Scouting For Girls recorded, do the words "She's so lovely" help? (Don't worry, I had to look it up too!)