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Monday, 01 May 2017 13:14

Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Fly Past at Goodwood

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The Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary fly past at Goodwood was an amazing gathering of planes involved in the Battle of Britain and was an incredible event to attend back in 2015. A customer recently decided to frame a selection of photographs taken at the event. The lady at the top of the montage is the customer's Mother. There were many more photos than this to begin with so the customer chose this selection of nine photos to be arranged around a poster of planes that flew during the Battle of Britain. A simple off white colour mount to be combined with a 20mm grey / charcoal profile was chosen for the mount and frame.

 A caption was added to be positioned at the base of the mount to read: "Take off from Westhampnett for Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary 15th Sept 2015"


As with every multiple aperture project, a plan is a must:

 Hopefully everything adds up to achieve the outside size of the frame.....!

Once the mount was cut out the layout looks like this:

 All the photos and the poster were dry mounted onto thicker card so that they do not cockle up over time with temperature and humidity changes in the final hanging position. 



Add the frame and glass and viola, or rather Tally Ho! 

A really impressive looking montage for an amazing gathering. Probably the last time so many Spitfires and Hurricanes would be in the same place and time and actually flew as well. As a child I often made the Hurricane Airfix model and I am still completely in awe of the Battle of Britain planes whenever I am lucky enough to hear them fly overhead. We are particularly lucky living near to Goodwood aerodrome as the twin seater Spitfire often flies over. A very distinctive sound indeed.