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Sunday, 21 May 2017 21:44

Invictus Games montage (part one)

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A customer came in a while back with a very impressive story about his experience at the 2014 Invictus Games in London. He was one of the trainers for the sitting volleyball team for GB. The Georgian team were also present at London and sadly did not have the use of trainers like a lot of the other teams at London. So my customer very kindly offered to help the team from Georgia. To begin with there was a language barrier as none of the members of Team Georgia could speak English. Also it was pretty much the first time they had played together. The team ended up finishing 4th, just missing out on a medal. To thank our customer the Georgian Team presented him with a signed shirt and a ceremonial dagger with a sheath from Georgia. After a while considering what to do with these items, he decided to frame them.

The dagger was quite a heavy item so the back of the board had to be suitably reinforced. 

The items could well be used again and so conservation framing techniques were used throughout.


A photo and text were also added to provide context to the Georgian Team items. 

Each item had a window mount cut out from black mount board to provide a 3D effect. 


The finished frame was chosen to match the colour of the shirt. 


The customer wanted to frame the items as he said he did not think he would ever achieve anything better professionally in his life. Well, he turned out to be a little wrong on that statement and you can read about that in our next blog article.