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  • Hampshire Open Studios and Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibitions.
  • 2018(3)
  • Wedding invitation in a double hinged frame
  • March(1):
  • Firescreen from a tapestry
  • January(1):
  • Invictus Games Montage (part three!)
  • 2017(11)
  • Fun with flags!
  • Steve McQueen embroidery
  • July(2):
  • British F1 Grand Prix drivers montage
  • Limed and painted frames for Tjili's art.
  • June(1):
  • Invictus Games montage (part two)
  • May(2):
  • Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Fly Past at Goodwood.
  • Invictus Games montage (part one)
  • April(2):
  • West coast to East coast, USA
  • Scouting For Girls montage
  • March(2):
  • The "Wow" factor
  • Things in draws, items under beds........
  • 2016(8)
  • Surprise, surprise!
  • What is the largest picture you can frame?
  • October(2):
  • Shades of grey
  • Jurassic Petersfield
  • September(1):
  • How do you get a 1936 Rolls Royce on a ferry?
  • June(2):
  • Tipple ART
  • Are you a Scrabble fan?
  • May(1):
  • Medals
  • 2015(5)
  • Very large brass rubbing of soldier
  • June(1):
  • Fast and Furious Framing!
  • May(1):
  • BBC Radio Four talks about picture framing
  • March(1):
  • Hand drawn maps or illustrations.
  • February(1):
  • Stretching canvas art such as oil or acrylic.
  • 2014(6)
  • Repairing Plans and Maps
  • Jigsaw transportation and framing
  • Reglazing a veneer frame with a gold slip.
  • August(1):
  • BACS details
  • June(1):
  • Delivery of large pictures
  • February(1):
  • Matching décor and furniture
  • 2013(11)
  • BBC Radio Solent at the Petersfield Framing Studios
  • August(1):
  • Certificates
  • June(1):
  • Prints and copies of your originals
  • May(3):
  • Fitting oil paintings on canvas into frames.
  • The signs are encouraging!
  • Straightening out-of-square tapestries and embroideries
  • April(1):
  • Gordon Rushmer awarded the Rowland Hilder Award at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Exhibition
  • March(2):
  • Hand painted frames..........again!
  • Free Customer Parking
  • February(1):
  • Digital copies of photographs
  • January(1):
  • Framing Teacher website relaunched
  • 2012(12)
  • Scratch Maps
  • October(1):
  • Thunderbugs are go!
  • September(2):
  • Reglazing pictures with broken glass
  • Provenance and other information about pictures
  • August(1):
  • Medals - not just Olympic!
  • June(1):
  • Framing Sports Shirts
  • April(1):
  • Jigsaw framing
  • February(3):
  • To over-frame or not to over-frame? That is the question!
  • Hand painted frames
  • Very large oil paintings on canvas
  • January(2):
  • Favourite books on one poster
  • Unusual map of the United Kingdom
  • 2011(1)
  • 6 feet Papyrus Painting!
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    Andy's Framing Blog

    News, tips and case studies all around Petersfield Framing Studios

    Hand painted frames

    Category: Tips and Hints

    We have had quite a few orders recently that have chosen hand painted frames. This is always a good choice of frame as the colour of paint used can often exactly match a specific tone or area of the picture to be framed. We usually use a water based paint to ensure the natural grain of the wooden frame will still show through after painting. The finished effect can be further enhanced with the use of various polishes, varnishes or waxes to protect the surface. We often order tins of paint from the various colour charts available (such as Farrow and Ball, Dulux and Crown to name a few) but I am sure a lot of you will know that the colour ordered from the charts is not necessarily a fair representation of the colour received! However a small addition of other colours we already have from previous orders will create the desired effect. We often end up mixing several colours to suit a certain colour which might be in the pictures or even in the customer's curtains! Either way a hand painted frame can create a stunning effect that perfectly complements the picture or the pictures' surrounding decor.

    17 February 2012, 19:49

    To over-frame or not to over-frame? That is the question!

    Category: Tips and Hints

    I have just spent a very interesting afternoon at the London Watercolour and Drawings Fair at the Science Museum, Kensington. There were some amazing pieces of art on display and a showcase of some truly stunning artists. As a general point about most of the framing on display I would say that the choices of materials were very bold as regarding widths and styles of frame. Some pieces are very old and have their original ornate gold frames which is to be expected. This is the correct thing to do if the frame is the original one as this adds to the value of the art and adds to the picture's provenance. However I have always been quite a believer in not 'over-framing' pictures. This means that wide, ornate gold mouldings would probably be one of the last choices on a small subtle watercolour and yet there were plenty of examples of this type of frame in use. I discussed this with several of the exhibitors there and they put across their reasons for using this type of frame as keeping with tradition and a more ornate style of framing actually adding to the overall impact of the work of art. I must say that the framing did look very impressive all together in one display when all those frames were heavy ornate frames. However I wonder if the same could be said when each piece of art would be hanging on it's own in a new home? I think that if you are looking at the frame before you are looking at the artwork you have probably made the wrong choice of framing materials. Nothing that I saw today has changed this belief. However there would seem to be a place for more substantial framing if only for older style paintings? An interesting debate that I am sure will continue for a long time to come. The London Watercolour and Drawings Fair continues at the Science Museum, Kensington until Sunday 5th February 2012.

    02 February 2012, 22:21