Very large oil paintings on canvas

These are not an every day framing project but are regular enough to warrant a mention on my blog. Quite a few customers have taken a fancy to very large oil paintings whilst they are away on their holidays. I think this is a great idea and a perfect reminder of a wonderful holiday. Often the price of these very large oils is also a contributing factor as they are probably cheaper abroad than they might be here in the UK. Recent oils I have framed have included an elephant from Thailand, a carpet dye market stall in Morocco and a piece of Aboriginal art depicting dreamtime. Rather annoyingly for the customers they have had to have the oils taken off their original stretcher bars and have the oils rolled up in a tube to get them back home (it would be great if you can bring the original stretcher back with you but I appreciate that this might well be impractical). They then need them stretched and framed upon their return. At this point I always recommend a really strong stretcher bar system to keep the oil stretched and flat on the wall even if it is to hang without a frame. The stretcher bars that I use are very strong and the bar needs to have cross members (when the stretcher bar is constructed it will look a little like the square window in 'Play School' for those of you who remember that television program!). OK I admit that this does add a considerable cost to the picture framing bill but this will help to protect your image over the long term by keeping the canvas taught and making sure the oil paint does not pop off the canvas due to folding or creases. As a very wise customer once told me "you only want to frame it once!" Wise words indeed!

24 February 2012, 21:03