Unusual map of the United Kingdom

I think that maps are a great thing to have on your wall. Along the corridor to our workshop we have an OS map centred on the Buriton Business Park, a 19th Century reproduction map of Hampshire by Thomas Moule and a modern map of the world. I always find them fascinating to look at and you can never know enough about the planet or your home town geographically. However a company has come up with the idea of producing maps made up of entirely text with the text relating to that area of the map. For example part of Devon has the words "cream teas" forming part of that county. Our particular area of Hampshire has the words Jane Austen forming part of the county. As with so many frames it is important not to over frame the picture and so a simple oak frame with a light green mount to match the customer's decor was chosen. The poster was also "dry mounted" onto a thicker sheet of mount board to prevent the poster cockling up in time due to changes in temperature. Please visit the Snow Home website for more details. The idea is a brilliant one and I liked it so much I have ordered one to go along my corridor!

22 January 2012, 17:35