Reglazing pictures with broken glass

Broken glass is something that often happens with picture frames. Therefore replacing broken glass is a task that is often performed by picture framers. Glass is a wonderful product and allows your pictures to be displayed as well as kept clean and dust free. However it is often only 2mm or 1/8" thick and is a very fragile product. Glass is quite easily broken with relatively small amounts of pressure applied, especially at the edges of the glass. Some of the more popular reasons for replacing broken glass in customer's picture frames are damage caused during moving home or pictures falling off of walls because of unsuitable hangings or hooks in the wall. Wire can also fray over a period of time and string can also snap but this usually takes quite a number of years. The best thing to do is to take the picture frame straight to a picture framers so they can assess how much of the frame can be saved. You can put sellotape over the cracked pieces of glass but be VERY careful not to cut yourself on any exposed sharp edges of the glass. Also do not turn the frame upside down to see what has happened on the back of the frame as the glass may drop out of the frame. Also if there are loose pieces of glass in the frame be careful about moving the picture frame around too much as you may scratch the picture. Splinters can be very painful and be sure to vacuum clean around the area especially if you have pets as the splinters can get in their paws.

Quite often it may just be the glass that needs replacing. Sometimes it can be a whole new frame as the old frame is just too badly broken. If the old frame was of particular value or one of a set then it may be possible to repair but be aware that the time taken to repair a frame can often mean that it is just as much money to buy a new frame. Another consideration might be to renew the backing and the over mount. There are far better conservation products now available on the market and whilst the picture is out of the frame it may be worth considering materials that will help to preserve your picture. Please pardon the pun but it is literally a pain when glass breaks in picture framing but please do be careful when handling any broken picture framing glass.

21 September 2012, 19:05