Jigsaw framing

I have framed quite a few jigsaws as a picture framer and some rather interesting subject matter has included Hong Kong Harbour, The Tower Bridge, London and more recently a photo of Alex Stewart with the customer. I always think they are a great picture to frame. Also it seems a pity to break the jigsaw up after you have finished it when you and your friends and family could admire the jigsaw on your wall for at least a while longer. The main problem is how to get the jigsaw into the frame without the puzzle coming apart. As long as you bring the jigsaw into my workshop on a fairly sturdy board I can then dry mount (permanantly attach) the jigsaw onto another board so that the jigsaw will not come apart in the frame or framing process. It can be a good idea to cover the jigsaw with a sheet or newspaper during transit but just make sure you keep it flat and face up during the journey. Failing that, please bring along the lid of the jigsaw box so I can at least have a few clues as to where the pieces might go!

23 April 2012, 19:57