Hand painted frames

We have had quite a few orders recently that have chosen hand painted frames. This is always a good choice of frame as the colour of paint used can often exactly match a specific tone or area of the picture to be framed. We usually use a water based paint to ensure the natural grain of the wooden frame will still show through after painting. The finished effect can be further enhanced with the use of various polishes, varnishes or waxes to protect the surface. We often order tins of paint from the various colour charts available (such as Farrow and Ball, Dulux and Crown to name a few) but I am sure a lot of you will know that the colour ordered from the charts is not necessarily a fair representation of the colour received! However a small addition of other colours we already have from previous orders will create the desired effect. We often end up mixing several colours to suit a certain colour which might be in the pictures or even in the customer's curtains! Either way a hand painted frame can create a stunning effect that perfectly complements the picture or the pictures' surrounding decor.

17 February 2012, 19:49