Framing Teacher website relaunched

This is a little something for those of you that might be interested in framing their own pictures, or perhaps might require some help or tuition. Framing Teacher is a website that started as a resource for my picture framing students during my degree studies. The site has been longing for an upgrade and I have started the process of the initial changes. The idea is that students can use the site as a "Helpful Hints" resource. If the students like what they discover they can find out more useful advice by buying my picture framing book "Frames and Framing" or by buying the tools offered in the shop with complete written instructions on how to complete that specific stage of picture framing. Also the students can find out more about one to one tuition. The site has only recently been relaunched and I plan on adding quite a few sections for the amateur picture framer. However if you do have any suggestions or ideas do drop me a line as it is always great to get your audience's input. The site can be found by visiting Framing Teacher. I hope you find the site helpful and I look forward to receiving your feedback.

06 January 2013, 10:03