Favourite books on one poster

We do see some very clever art that is framed at our workshop. A poster came in recently that had the ingenious idea of putting the text of your favourite book onto one A1 sized poster. Of course the text size is very small but remains readable. However the really clever part is the use of cut outs of text to create shapes associated with that book. The poster that we framed was of the book Alice in Wonderland where the cut out areas were of a little girl and the suits of a pack of playing cards hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Other books include Black Beauty with the text all in the horse's head and A Christmas Carol with the cut out of a candle. The effect created from a distance is stunning and a perfect tribute to your favourite book. The text is in black by default and so a very simple white over mount was used and then a 1.25" or 30mm square black profile to frame the poster. A truly stunning and very creative idea. In fact I liked the idea so much I bought my partner Janet one for a present. She is a RE teacher and so I bought her The Bible where the cut out area is a hand offering an apple! For more information please visit the Spineless Classics website.

22 January 2012, 16:52