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Petersfield Framing Studios
Unit 4A
Buriton Business Park
Petersfield, Hants
GU32 3NJ

A customer recently came in with a digital photo frame that needed to go on display at a stately home. The idea was to show various images of the home in a way that helps attract all audience ages with the use of digital media. However, as you might imagine, the digital frame with a slik black plastic surround looked totally out of place in it's stately location.



So the customer wondered if it was possible to frame a frame so to speak. The idea of putting a frame around a frame is not that difficult but the two big issues were that the new frame had to stand up as the original digital frame does.



The digital frame measured about 10" x 8" and was pretty heavy. Hence the new strut back would need to be very sturdy to prevent the frame falling over. The frame would also need to be fairly deep to accomodate the depth of the digital frame. With this in mind the customer chose a deep ash profile rounded on the edges with a small gold slip to go into the rebate to add a slightly more antique effect. The black border of the digital photo frame was also covered with a suitable green over mount.



It was also decided that the frame should be stained a medium oak colour to blend in with it's eventual surroundings.

The next problem was how to leave the back accessible so that the memory card for the digital images could be removed to update images and replaced with ease. The best method that we came up with was to construct a partial back to the frame and utilise the four holes on the back of the digital frame that are used to screw all digital monitors to the wall. You will see a very similar standard design template on the back of your own computer flat screen monitors or flat screen televisions with four such holes. Using the correct size of metric thread bolts we screwed through the stained batten on the back to secure both the digital frame into the new frame and provide a suitably strong platform for the new strut back. This was then hinged onto the new partial backing.



So that the struct back would not slip in any way a gate hook was used to secure the strut to the partial back of the new frame. This also ensured that the digital frame was displayed at the correct angle.



The finished effect is a mixture of old world styling meeting with modern world digital technology. At the stately homes hopefully it will keep the kids happy for a while!