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Petersfield Framing Studios
Unit 4A
Buriton Business Park
Petersfield, Hants
GU32 3NJ

I have framed several fans as a picture framer over the years but these two were so exquisite in their design and lacework I really wanted to show them off here. The fans were believed to be Victorian and a relative of the customer used them during her own wedding ceremony. It is a real shame that items like these are often just kept in their original boxes in a drawer somewhere in the house and rarely see the light of day. Framing changes all that and allows you to display your interesting fashion accessories for all to see.

The customer wanted to display the fans in a white frame. As the fans are very deep the frame selected had to be a deep rebated plain ash painted white. The backing needed to be as neutral as possible so that the framing choices did not detract from the beauty of the fans. Therefore a light grey board was selected.



The fans were not to be fully extended so with careful working out and use of a protractor the fans were stitched to the backing board. The stitch work allowed the fan to be easily removed if necessary in the future using strict conservation techniques. This ensured that the fans could be placed back into their boxes or indeed even used again as fans if ever required. This may sound a little unlikely but you never know what future generations may choose to do with them. Therefore it is vital that we as the framers have done nothing in the framing process that is not reversible to prevent any future uses of the fans.

The frames were added and the box technique was used to keep the glass away from the fans.


A truly stunning effect for both fans and preserved so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of this delicate work.