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Petersfield Framing Studios
Unit 4A
Buriton Business Park
Petersfield, Hants
GU32 3NJ

This job was bought in by a customer who used to play rugby whilst serving with the armed forces. He also remains a keen fan of rugby and was featured in an article at a recent international match at Twickenham. The customer wanted all four items in a hand painted frame and so the first thing to do was to decide the final layout of the four items. This can be a bit tricky with items that are distinctly different shapes as you can get some odd proportion borders. However the items seemed to fit together pretty well when arranged like this.

The shirt was folded to keep the size and ultimately the cost of the frame down as much as possible. The idea was that the shirt and the cap would be stitched onto the backing mount board and apertures would be cut for both the new programme article and the original programme for the rugby match. Conservation is a priority as with every project and so the shirt and the cap were stitched on to the card so that the process could be easily reversed if it was ever needed.

The customer requested that the frame needed to match the colour of the shirt and so we painted a deep ash moulding profile this colour. To save the customer coming down to the workshop to see if he liked the frame colour we e-mailed the above mock up with the painted frame sample next to the shirt. Once the final colour was approved we added the frame and created a box effect to keep the glass away from the items displayed.

For projects like this the finished effect does look like a display case and of course protects items in the same way. A great way to preserve items of priceless sentimental value whilst also maintaining the ability to display your memories to others.