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GU32 3NJ

This was a favourite toy of a customer and needed to be preserved in a display case style frame with the added protection of the figure being kept behind glass. Choice of materials for any picture framing project is always a very important consideration and this job was no different. It was felt that the figure should be on a green background and this colour should also line the sides of the frame.

The frame used is a very deep profile extruded from ash. The moulding is not an off the shelf product so the profile has to be specially ordered and routed by a local wood merchants.

The wood is actually so deep that several adjustments have to be made to our normal cutting and assembly machines so that the wood could be mitred and joined successfully.

Once the frame is made the figure could be attached to the dark green backing mount board ready to fit the frame.


The customer wanted the figure to stay in the frame for the foreseeable future. However, future generations may wish to take the Action Man from the frame and so however the figure is fitted into the frame this is something that has to be reversible. This is known as a "conservation technique" in that at any time the figure could in theory be fairly easily removed from the frame and placed back in the original box, or simply played with if so desired. This could not be achieved if the Action Man had been permanently fixed into the frame say with glue for example. So the figure was simply stitched to the backing of the frame but care was taken to ensure that the stitch work was carefully hidden under his camouflage. The end result was very well received by the customer and the toy is thus preserved for future generations.