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Petersfield Framing Studios
Unit 4A
Buriton Business Park
Petersfield, Hants
GU32 3NJ

As an example of some of our work, here is a recent picture that was framed by the Petersfield Framing Studios. The picture is an oil painting of the South Downs painted on two 4 foot by 4 foot panels.

The customer requested that the oils should be framed together as one picture in one frame. However the problem was the join; should this be showing or should it be somehow disguised? The picture was to hang in an office reception area and so after quite a heated debate among the staff it was agreed that the join should be covered. This was achieved using the narrowest batten available which was around a half an inch in width. This ensured that the barest minimum was covered of the picture edges. Also the batten was made out of the same wood as the frame (ramin) to ensure that it was as unobtrusive as possible. The frame was reinforced in the corners to help support the weight of the two boards the scene was painted on.

I am sure you will agree the effect is a stunning view of one of the most beautiful areas of Southern England and a real pleasure to frame.